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Folder Folder is a tiny utility that's meant to ease the process of installing files on your Palm's memory card. On every Hotsync, Folder automatically moves the .pdb installed on your memory card to the directory where their associated software will look for them.

The default configuration is prepared for moving data files for Métro Métro and Cabine Cabine, but you can add configurations for other softwares, from the "Preferences" panel.


Configuration samples

To help you use Folder Folder, here are a few configuration samples for softwares other than the default ones.


While not strictly necessary for the program to work (it can find files in the default installation directory), moving the Hafas data files to their prefered location helps minimize clutter on your memory card.

  • Creator ID: Hafa
  • Type: nothing
  • Directory: /PALM/Programs/HAFAS/
  • Name: nothing


Palm eReader

  • Creator ID: PPrs
  • Type: nothing
  • Directory: /PALM/Books/
  • Name: nothing



  • Creator ID: Plkr
  • Type: Data
  • Directory: /PALM/Programs/Plucker/
  • Name: nothing


MoCroix MoCroix

  • Creator ID: MoCx
  • Type: nothing
  • Directory: /PALM/Programs/MoCroix/
  • Name: nothing



To use Folder Folder, you just need a Palm (any device with PalmOS 4 or later) supporting memory cards.


The current version of Folder Folder is 1.0.6 (released on 02/20/2009).

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Please read the included user guide (Folder-en.pdf) before using the software.


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