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PCPilot PCPilot gives you the ability to control MS PowerPoint®, Windows Media Player® or iTunes® on your Windows PC from your Palm device.
  • Use your Palm as a remote control for your PC
  • Connect through a Bluetooth or network (e.g. WiFi) interface
  • Zero-installation lightweight Windows program
  • Light and easily configurable Palm program
  • Palm hardware command keys customization
  • Automatic minimization of the Windows program upon Palm connection
  • PowerPoint®
    • Full navigation: previous / next and first / last slide
    • Pause / restart
    • Slide title & number on your Palm
    • Speaker notes on your Palm
  • Windows Media Player® & iTunes®
    • Main controls: next / previous track, fast forward & rewind (depending on configuration)
    • Sound volume controls
    • Track title & artist on your Palm
    • Optional display of the player interface (full screen or normal)

The first component of the software is a lightweight Windows program. It uses less than 300kb on your hard drive and does not require any complex installation: just drop it anywhere on your PC and launch it!

From this program, you select the type of connection you have on your Palm (either Bluetooth or network). And you choose the program(s) you want to control, among MS PowerPoint®, Windows Media Player® & iTunes®.


When you want to control a PowerPoint® slideshow, just go to the corresponding tab and open your PPT document (after "connecting" the PC).

That's all you need to start navigating the slideshow from your Palm! You have commands to go the next, previous, first and last side, to pause the show (turning the screen black) and ending it altogether.

If needed, you also have an option to configure the hardware keys for easy navigation from your Palm.

Of course, the Windows program conveniently "disappears" from the screen as soon as your Palm is connected and ready to take control.

Controling Windows Media Player® or iTunes® is just as easy: just go to the corresponding tab and a similar interface is present.

Instead of selecting a file to open, just select a "Playlist" (this may be an actual playlist you have created or a CD or DVD you have inserted in the drive). Then you're ready to take control from your Palm.

The controls (availaibility depending on the player and the media) include: previous & next track, fast forward & rewind, pause/restart & stop and sound volume (+/-).

As for the PowerPoint control, you have the option to configure the hardware keys for your Palm.

You may have your media player display its window, optionnally on full screen (useful for a movie, for example).


The second component of PCPilot PCPilot is the Palm program. Just as light as its Windows counterpart (at about 16kb), it is also as simple to use.

Configuration involves only the selection of the type of connection you want to use to your PC.

And as soon as you connect to the Windows program, the Palm takes complete control.

Use the on-screen buttons (contextually activated) or the hardware keys you have configured on the Windows program to navigate your slideshow.

The palm displays the current slide title (adjusting for longer texts if required) and with a press of a key you may even switch to the speaker notes display.


And of course, controlling Windows Media Player® or iTunes® is exactly the same, with their specific context-sensitive command buttons.

In order to run PCPilot PCPilot, you should have:
  • A PC running Windows (version 98 or later, but it has not been tested on Vista) with one of the supported programs installed (MS PowerPoint® 97 or later, Windows Media Player® version 7 or later and/or iTunes® version 7 or later).
  • A Palm device running PalmOS version 4 or later with a bluetooth or network connection to your PC.
The current version of PCPilot PCPilot is 1.0.0 (released on 01/17/2007).

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Please read the included user guide (PCPilot.pdf) before installing the software.

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